Dog Walker

Dog Walking

Typically 1 hour dog walks in order to allow your pet to exert energy and get a suitable amount of exercise

Walk includes engagement, play, socialisation if suitable, continued training where applicable


Small group (2-4 dogs)


solo and 1-2-1

Your preferred route, or transported safely to local parks and woods

£12 per hour

£3 for each additional dog

Cute Bunny

Caged Animal Check-in visit

Daily check in visits for less dependent pets to ensure the basic fundamental are all available

Inc change of water, feed, engagement and attention

Cleaning and disposal of any mess 



£10 x 1 visit

£15 x 2 visits

£3.00 add on for each different environment

Kitten on the Stairs

Cat / Kitten Check-in visit

Daily check in visits for more independent pets or regular visits for those needing more human interaction and attention


Care of water, food, and litter, engagement, play and fussing, 

home essentials also taken care of such as plants, bins 

1 visit £12.00 daily

2 x visit £15.00 daily

3 x visit £18.00 daily

£3 additional charge per pet after 2 cats

Dog House

Pet and Home Sitting

I take care of your pet and homes whilst you are away. 

A full extension of the owner staying as close to routine as possible giving your pets the care and attention they need and allowing your home to maintain a 'lived in' appearance along with the necessary care of home essentials i.e. bins, plants etc

From £35.00 per night

(24 hour period)

additional hours charged as day care (below)

£3 additional charge per pet per night

Sleeping Dogs

Dog and puppy Check-in visit

Ideal for older dogs / recovering dogs, and non immunised puppies with differing needs


Inc changes of water, food, play, engagement and attention, medication administered where required 

Cleaning and disposal of any mess / accidents

Typically 30 mins each

1 x visit £12.00 daily

2 x visit £16.00 daily

3 x visit £20.00 daily

Talk to me about tailored services, as I appreciate not one set service would be suitable for all

£3 additional charge per day per pet

A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Doggy day care at your home or with other dogs 

Suitable if you are away from

home for an extended period and you pet needs attention and human engagement,  feeding and walks


1 hour £12
1.5 hours £15
2 - 4 hours £20
5 - 6 hours £25
7 - 8 hours + £30
8 + hours £35

£3.00 additional charge per pet